Why vegan cakes are the best thing for your health in 2019


It appears that 2019 will be the year of veganism. Why not, after all, veganism is great both for the body and the environment, and it’s a very effective way of putting an end to animal suffering and climate change altogether. With the rise of great vegan food worldwide, misconceptions about how bland or tasteless vegan food is have started to fade. A new wave of vegan cooks and bakers is on the rise and their inventions are absolutely fabulous: not only do vegan dishes taste excellent, but sometimes they can even surpass traditional ones. Such is the case with vegan cakes, a product that we all must try at least once this year.

Vegan Cakes Brussels

Vegan cakes – the raw vegan type – boast an impressive number of much sought-after qualities: they are gluten-free, lactose and refined sugar free, they contain no eggs or preservatives and are, in all honesty, as close to natural as possible. They are not baked either, which means that they preserve all their valuable enzymes, minerals, vitamins and nutrients. The ingredient list is simple and straightforward, and it contains fresh and dried fruit and veggies, healthy fats such as coconut oil, nuts and seeds boasting with amino acids and lots of superfoods and spices. Who would not want to eat that, especially if they also taste amazing?

One vegan cake shop owner from Brussels says that his business has taken off ever since its launch at the end of last year: “People just love these cakes. They are not great vegan cakes, they are great cakes full stop. We only get positive feedback, with customers saying that our products taste amazing and rank among the best cakes they’ve ever eaten. That says a lot about the quality and the finesse of our products and we are delighted to be its pioneers here in Brussels.”

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Vegan Cakes Belgium

Another great thing about these raw vegan cakes is that they are fridge cakes, which means that they can be kept in the freezer for up to two months so one can have them fresh at the tip of one’s hands for any party or improvised visit. What a treat!

So, short recap: great for the body, the environment and the animals, mind blowing taste and flavors, excellent alternative for people with intolerance or allergies to gluten, egg or lactose, trustworthy dessert for children (sugar free, remember?), fresh and readily available. Are they not the best thing for your health in 2019 and… ever?


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